Master Crafters, Museums and Associations related to glassmaking or heritage

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les Musées et Associations liés au verre ou au patrimoine

With a glassmaking tradition going back centuries, La Glass Vallée’s geographical area contains master crafters with workshops that are open to the public. Their glassworking techniques vary and can combine hot and cold working. The technique best known to the general public is blow-moulding, but the creation of stained glass windows is also a longstanding tradition in the region. Thanks to this tradition, master crafters have blow torch glasswork, fusing, glass painting, inclusions, trimming, assembly, engraving and many other techniques at their disposal.

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When we think of history, museography is the first thing that comes to mind. This sector is also present in La Glass Vallée, primarily in museums such as “Traditions Verrières” (Glassmaking Traditions) in Eu, which is a member of La Glass Vallée. These museums provide an opportunity to get to know the material, its components and colouring techniques, but also to discover how the role of glassmaking has evolved in the Bresle Valley from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Culture & heritage associations are also present in the valley, such as the Association du Manoir de Fontaine in Blangy sur Bresle with its unmissable “Festival of Glass” each year in mid-August, and the summer exhibition “Eclats de Verre” (Glass Fragments) held every other year, which brings together artists and master glassmakers from a range of backgrounds, regions and countries, or “Les Amys du Vieil Eu”, an association with a focus on history, such as that of the Eu Forest, which played a vital role in the valley’s calling as a centre of glassmaking by providing the necessary fuel.

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