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Rue Sémichon (Route de Gamaches D1015 - Next to the Salle Audiard)- F – 76260 EU

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Established : 1997

Employees : 2


Discover the fascinating story of glass, from its discovery in Egypt some 4,000 years ago, via the first furnaces in Mesopotamia through to the invention of the bellows.
This tour will take you to the Middle Ages and the furnace used by the first glassmakers of the Bresle Valley. You’ll see the first semi-automatic machine, invented by master glassmaker Claude Boucher in 1895, and the modern IS machine, which now makes it possible to produce hundreds of thousands of bottles each day.
The flat glass section will show you how production techniques have evolved since the use of centrifuged trays and sleeves, up to modern-day “float glass” production.
An exciting journey through the space and time of the glassmakers of the Glass Valley…
The perfumes room showcases a unique collection of glass bottles, including amazing giant pieces and dummies. This room also invites you to discover a series of unseen films in the comfort of the projection room.
There’s no resisting the wonderful world of perfume…

Commentary provided by guides under the supervision of former professional glassworkers.
Glass-blowing and stained glass demonstrations available according to timetable.

Lines of Business / areas of expertise

Hollow glass – Glass bottles for perfumes and pharmaceutical use