Founders manufacture the cast iron and preforms for use by the mould makers. In the production chain of a glasswork object, the founder’s work comes after that of the model-maker and before the mould maker.
The basic material used to create the various parts of a mould is cast iron. However, for specific applications, some parts are made in stainless steel, bronze or nickel-based alloys.
The model-maker provides a model in plaster (for small production volumes) or wood (for mass production). The model is used to create the mould (in sand) for casting.

In keeping with the glassmaker’s specifications, the metal poured into the mould will have different properties, depending on the type of bottle produced: whether in small or large volumes or sizes, as well as the level of quality required.

Cooperation between the glassmaker, mould maker and founder is vital to ensure the success of the glass-making process.

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