Intermediate packaging

Intermediate packaging: cardboard packaging and thermoforming

After leaving the glassmaking machine and before undergoing their first automatic check, the bottles or jars are packaged, most often in partitioned boxes, to be sent on to the following stages. The partitions are tailored to fit the bottle and are placed in a box that will contain several dozen bottles. These boxes will then be stacked and placed on a palette to allow for easy handling. Equipment also exists to raise the palette, ensuring that the trays are at a consistent height that is practical for the operator

Another technique involves the use of thermoformed trays. To do this, specialist companies will create an imprint of the bottles or carafes by heating a sheet of PVC and using a mould to ensure that they are held securely in place. Once the bottle production process is complete, these thermoformed trays can be washed or recycled. The same applies to the boxes, which will go through a recycling process.