Lycée du Vimeu


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3 rue Denis Papin – BP50066 - 80534 Friville-Escarbotin Cedex

03 22 20 76 40


Fabrice Jore
Director of Professional and Technological Training


Opening hours: 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm

  • BTS Design and Industrialization in Microtechnology:
    The skills and versatility of the C.I.M. technician allow him to intervene from design to manufacturing through maintenance of multi-technical products which call for diversified knowledge.
  • BTS Electrotechnics:
    The advanced technician is a specialist in the design, optimization and maintenance of maintenance of electrical installations from the point of energy production to the point of use to the uses, by integrating varied and innovative technical solutions.
  • Bac Sciences et Techniques de l’Industrie et du Développement Durable :
    Matter, energy and information are the basis of this STI2D baccalauréat which allows students to continue their studies towards higher education.
    Four specific courses are offered:

    • AC, Architecture and Construction
    • ITEC, Technological Innovation and Eco Design
    • EE, Energy and Environment
    • SIN, Information and Digital Systems
  • Bac Professionnel Microtechniques :
    Manufacturing, assembly, mounting, control, repair of microtechnical products
    are the sectors of intervention of this professional.
  • Professional Bac Technician in Mechanical Product Manufacturing:
    Production of parts in very large series (bar turning) or in very small series, follow-up, control, optimization are the activities carried out by this professional.
  • Professional Bac in Electricity and Connected Environments:
    This professional works on electrical installations and communication networks, particularly in the field of industry.
  • Bac Professionnel Maintenance of Connected Production Systems :
    Maintenance, improvement, modification of the operating parts and control parts of equipment or installations equipment or installations are the skills of this professional.
  • CAP Metalworker :
    This professional machines, adjusts, assembles, installs and maintains the different parts of a metal work (partitions, stairs, doors, fences, furniture …).