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Place Gaston Leroux 76260 Eu


Cédric Garcia
Director of Professional and Technological Training


BTS (HND) in Production Process Design

Training technicians in Unit Production

  • production process design
  • production optimisation
  • production organisation and management
  • quality assurance

BTS (HND) in EuroPlastics and Composites

Bac Techno STI2D (Technical Baccalaureate)

Training in engineering sciences and technology
and sustainable development

  • implementation of innovative projects and prototypes
  • 2 specialisms: ITEC (Technological Innovation and Eco-design) and SIN (Information Systems and Digital Technology)

Training of professionals in automated assembly line production

  • preparing and driving the production line
  • monitoring drifts in production processes
  • optimising operations

Professional Baccalaureate – Product Line Manager
Professional Baccalaureate in Maintenance of Connected Production Systems (previously MEI – Maintenance of Industrial Equipment)

Training professionals in maintenance

  • break-down diagnosis and repair
  • monitoring of a maintenance schedule
  • improvement of production facilities

Professional Baccalaureate – “TRPM – Technician in Mechanical Product Design and Development” (with our focus on machining and therefore relating to the glass bottlemaking trades)

Training professionals in machining

  • machining of parts
  • assembly of tools
  • maintenance of tooling

CAP (NVQ) in Metalworking

Training in the metalworking trades

  • construction of metal structures
  • access point and layout creation