Transport, Logistics, Packaging

Logistics and supply chain are common terms that define very distinct professions that enable the delivery of the product to the final customer. They are sometimes misunderstood and can lead to misinterpretation.

Logistics is “the art and the way to make a given product available at the right time, at the right place, at the lowest cost and with the best quality”. In other words, logistics consists of managing physical flows such as products in a warehouse, using IT tools, methods and processes to optimize these flows. This activity consists of receiving, storing, preparing and shipping products, all in the best time and conditions.

The supply chain represents the supply chain and/or the management of the logistics chain from the supplier to the end customer (from raw material to finished product). It is often related to logistics and therefore the warehouse. However, it actually brings together different professions such as logistics, transport and IT and is therefore driven by tools. These are the different links in the chain.

Transport can be part of the organization of national or international logistics. It is a complex job that is very important in the sales process. It is necessary to be able to offer various services that meet all the needs of the customers, whether they are B2B or B2C.

Within this theme, PGS Group and Transports Mettelle, then Cartonnages d’Aigneville, specialist of cross-braces and FCP for custom packaging. 

Transports Mettelle
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