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La Glass Vallée :
1st world cluster of luxury bottles

The world pole of the luxury bottles of the valley of the Bresle, ” La Glass Vallée “, is an association of law 1901 founded by its current President Mrs Valérie Tellier. Born in 2001, La Glass Vallée was called ” District Verrier Vallee de la Bresle ” until 2007.

Its purpose was to promote exchanges between the members of the glass industry, to spread the know-how of the Valley, to encourage innovation and to contribute to the development of the staff training. The companies concerned are located between Le Tréport and Feuquières in the Oise department but also around Dieppe and Abbeville and on a secondary level in the whole France. Its employment basin is mainly based on three departments (76-80-60) and two administrative regions (Normandy and Hauts de France).