Designer, Model makers

Before your nose vibrates for a perfume, your eyes have already inspected the bottle from every angle. The more attractive the design, the more you want to discover and buy the perfume. Appearance is the first step in a game of seduction. It must create an attraction, make you want to own it or buy it to please a loved one. To create is to think about things but also to feel them. An original, timeless and sensual creation perfectly reflects the power of a brand. The bottle must surprise and become an object of desire that one cannot resist.

When the designer embarks on a project, he begins by immersing himself in the history of the brand. He reads, discusses with the designers and listens to their ideas, notes keywords according to what he should do and avoid. Then, he defines a concept and starts to draw volumes that correspond to the chosen direction. He lets his intuition speak and trusts his feelings. He then refines the volumes to optimize them and presents the project to the marketing team only when he is convinced that he is in the right direction. This process can be time consuming.