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Interim, Human Resources consulting

Temporary employment is very present in La Glass Vallée companies, many of which have to adjust their number of employees to the fluctuations of the orders and therefore of the market. This still concerns operator functions but the development of automation generates demands for higher and higher skills that are quite difficult to satisfy.

Human resources consulting has also developed, either to support companies, such as SMEs, in regular HR functions such as individual interviews, or for recruitment, which is one of the concerns of companies, with the definition of job descriptions and skills and the selection of candidates.


From individual companies to international groups, technical, administrative or managerial jobs, numerous training courses allow the integration of the sector at different levels throughout one’s life. From the self-taught to the polytechnician, including C.A.P., Bacs pros, BTS, professional licenses, masters, and engineering degrees, the panel is particularly wide.

Our industry is constantly on the lookout for new employees, with, given the modernization of equipment, the demand for qualifications on the rise, without excluding the search for specialized operators. It should be noted that women are very present in the sorting and decorating professions and also in HR, quality manager, supervisory and management functions.

With the increasing generalization of mechanization, automation, robotization and digitization of activities, vocational training courses with periods of apprenticeship in companies are undoubtedly the most expected and the bridges between training courses and professions are numerous, but often unknown. In addition to initial training, continuing education allows people to improve their skills or change direction throughout their lives, without forgetting the VAE system, which allows people to validate their achievements with a state-recognized diploma.

Contrary to what one might think, vocational courses do not lock you into a job for life. On the contrary, they are now designed to allow students to express their talent in different types of activities: machining, electromechanical maintenance, production line management are all examples that can lead to numerous industrial companies in the glass industry, of course, but also in plastics, metallurgy and the automobile industry.

If the Bresle Valley has long suffered from not having initial training that meets the expectations of the industry, the offer is evolving with, in particular, the opening in September 2020 of a Bac Pro “PLP”, Production Line Pilot, not to mention the Bac Pro “M.E.I.”, maintenance of industrial equipment and many others… Continuing education is also present for sorting or decorating but also the fundamentals of glass or artistic training and should expand.

And then you should not hesitate to go and follow the training courses where they are given with the possibility of internship.

As the world of training is constantly evolving, you should refer to La Glass Vallée’s partners or, more broadly, to guidance organizations.

Our industry is constantly on the lookout for employees with, given the modernisation of equipment, requests for qualification on the increase, without excluding the search for specialist operators. It should be noted that women are well represented in the sorting and decoration trades, as well as HR, quality manager, mentoring and executive management roles.